Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Naughty boy

Baby Dave during a less naughty time in his life

Dave the dog has been a sneaky, little terror lately.

It all started Saturday when he ate an entire package of imported chocolate-covered biscuits.

He then moved on to my very special, very designer Chanel sunglasses. They are ruined. I am devastated. That was on Sunday.

Yesterday I discovered a chewed up Hershey bar wrapper on his bed. There wasn't a morsel of chocolate left.

He's not dead...yet. But this dog must be suicidal!

My hypothesis is he's pissed Morgan's home. I'm not being mean, I just think Dave's used to being the male of the house and now he's competing with my husband for that title so he's acting out.

Stef and I were discussing it last night. He's never been this naughty before.

Any way, I came across this blog in my search for answers. It's more of a fix-it rather than an explain-it, but it made me chuckle.

Any suggestions?


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