Monday, December 22, 2008

Where art thou Morgan?

In a nutshell, this is why the Army sucks.

Morgan and his team were laid over in a place called Mannas (or as I like to call it, man ass) for nine days before finally boarding a plane and flying to Bangor, ME. That's annoying enough as it is, but wait, there's more.

From Maine, the team flew to Fort Riley, KS. They got in late Saturday night. Yesterday my husband calls me and says his bags are still in Kyrzykstan. He needs his bags, or rather the equipment in them, so he can out-process from Riley before coming home.

Hmmm, you would think that after nine rotten days sitting around in Mannas the powers that be would have figured out a way to transport the team's bags from point A to point B before Christmas!

One more in-laws are stuck in Oregon. Their flight was canceled today due to inclement weather. They're now scheduled to fly into Atlanta on Christmas eve. Maybe Morgan will be with them.


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